Øredev Conference

Nov 6-8, 2019

Malmö Mässan, Exhibition & Conference Center

Pete Behrens will giving a talk on Friday, November 8th at 2:20pm


Key takeaways

  • That influencing organizational culture is easier than it appears.
  • That anyone can begin to influence the organization they work in.

How micro-moments, small tweaks and even a single word can shift your perspective and your organization towards agile ways of working without anyone’s permission. For most leaders, embarking on an agile transformation is a daunting prospect fraught with resistance, conflict, risk and likely failure. Pete shares his experiences and stories from the roads less traveled by leaders who shifted themself and their organizations towards agile ways of working through these simple, yet impactful, hacks.

Øredev is the perfect blend, with one day of in-depth pre-conference workshops and three days of sessions, you will get tons of inspiration and learning to keep you creating your best work all year long.

Trail Ridge is speaking at this event - Come say hello!

Pete Behrens

Founder, Managing Partner & Leadership Agility Coach