Most conferences, gatherings and other open space formats today scratch the surface of important topics, but rarely allow participants to really dive deep into meaningful collaboration and discovery. And while they serve well for teacher-student relationships, they often miss the peer-to-peer collaboration required to make progress on more complex issues we face.

You can expect this coaching retreat is different from any other agile event that you have attended. In fact, if you get in early and you can help us work out the structure of this first retreat. Unlike an agile coaching camp or Scrum Gathering where topics are quick and shallow, this retreat will focus on getting real work accomplished through deep and focused working sessions. Through this work, you will have an opportunity to deeply engage and collaborate with other peer coaches and mentors. We are using this first retreat is a pilot program from which we will be looking to spawn a number of Scrum Coaching Retreats in 2012 across the globe. Thus, you can be at the forefront of a new wave of getting real work done!

We are looking for experienced, knowledgable, diverse, open-minded, and inquisitive agile mentors who are consultants or internal organizational change agents focused on improving organizational agility. The content of the retreat and the focus of the teams will be up to the participants and self-organization. Prior to the retreat, we will be discussing and narrowing potential team topics and various approaches in applying Scrum in the retreat. We will be building a multi-teaming structure to support focused team work across multiple short sprints, cross-team sharing and feedback through incremental reviews, team interspersing and sharing practices and lessons across teams, and learning about applying Scrum in new ways.

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