Gene Gendel

Enterprise Agile Coach, LeSS Trainer


Words of Wisdom:

 Those that have never fallen, don't know how to get up. 

Gene Gendel - Enterprise Agile Coach, LeSS Trainer
Gene Gendel

Who I Am:

Gene Gendel is organizational design consultant, system modeler, agile coach and trainer. He is a Certified Enterprise & Team Coach (CEC-CTC), something that makes him a part of a very unique worldwide community.

What I do at Trail Ridge:

Gene’s primary focus is on helping organizations and teams with adopting agile culture, improving tools, techniques and processes in development.

Gene is an active member of NYC agile community where he is known as a big proponent of community-wide, cost effective agile education. He attempts delivering such education “to crowds” via his personal presentations, organizing open-space agile collaboration workshops, group meetings and other community activities. Gene strongly emphasizes the importance of “ethics of agile coaching”.

Gene also contributes a good portion of his time to strengthening Scrum Alliance and improving its certification programs.

How to engage with me:

When I’m not working I’m:

When I am not working, I am spending time with my daughter and my son, teaching them discipline and helping them shape their mindset.