Jasmine Kernaleguen

Agile Leadership & NeuroLeadership Coach


Words of Wisdom:

 Your actions today create who you will become...  

Jasmine Kernaleguen - Agile Leadership & NeuroLeadership Coach
Jasmine Kernaleguen

Who I Am:

With 10+ years coaching experience, and Brain-Based Coaching Certification with the NeuroLeadership Institute, Jasmine coaches leaders and entrepreneurs with a neuro-science based approach. In addition, she provides coaching for leaders, teams, and organizations in agile transitions and agile leadership to create lasting change.

Jasmine is an Agile Leadership Educator and Certified Leadership Agility 360 Coach, providing agile leadership education for leaders globally.

As an Advanced Certified Scrum Master (A-CSM), she engages with teams and organizations to advance their agility and agile ways of working.

She is Co-creative partner with Trail Ridge helping building more adaptable, sustainable and healthier organizations.

What I do at Trail Ridge:

Jasmine guides leaders to new awareness, action, and change toward greater agility, more effective leadership and outcomes.

As part of the Agile Leadership Journey community, Jasmine collaborates with a community of agile leadership educators and guides who share a passion and curriculum to align global program design and delivery.

Jasmine is on a mission to help leaders develop agility and transform the world of work to be more rewarding and engaging. She is involved in advancing the leadership of women, as well as in Tech community initiatives. She speaks at and facilitates various events to bring awareness and action on agility and building more high performing, engaging workplaces.

How to engage with me:

When I’m not working I’m:

enjoying music, being outdoors, biking, kayaking, and hiking wherever travel takes her

Upcoming Trainings: