Karen Kemerling

Agile Leadership Coach

PhD - Org. Development, LA360, CAL, CSaSP

Words of Wisdom:

 Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. 

Karen Kemerling - Agile Leadership Coach
Karen Kemerling

Who I Am:

Karen Kemerling is an energetic and inspirational Agile leader and coach passionately applying Agile principles to build confidence in individualsempower teams, and generate a competitive advantage.

She brings 30+ years of leadership experience heading all aspects of business in large global companies, smaller businesses, and non-profits.  Her superior project management, implementation, negotiation, and consensus-building skills, focuses on delivering services that empower the business and promote productivity in the workforce.

What I do at Trail Ridge:

Karen is a Certified Agile Leader (CAL) co-facilitating the Agile Leadership Journey coaching practice for over 36 global leaders on-line.

Karen is a Scrum@Scale Practitioner (CSaSP) leading a company wide Scrum transition for two years through facilitating executive backlog grooming, coaching multi-team sprints, addressing impediments, and facilitating cross-team collaboration.

Karen is a Leadership Agility 360 (LA360) Coach, providing awareness, education and guidance for increasing impact and agility. She was certified as a Changewise 360 Leadership Agility Coach in 2019.

In 2019, Karen also earned the Recognized Brave Leader status from Brave Leaders Inc. (Brene Brown) by completing a rigorous, research-based curriculum on the skills that organizations across the globe define as most essential for successful leadership.

In 2011, Karen was nominated by the Denver Business Journal as the CIO of the year in the Non-Profit Sector.  In 2015, she was also voted one of the top 3 Business Women of the Year in Denver.

In 2002, Karen successfully completed her doctoral dissertation on the Productivity of Remote Teams and achieved her doctorate degree in Management and Organizational Development.

How to engage with me:

When I’m not working I’m:

Making guitars, running, hiking and golfing in Colorado

Upcoming Trainings: