Women in Agile Leadership Workshop:
Feb 24-26, 2020

Date And Time

Start: Monday, February 24th, 2020, 8:30 AM
End: Wednesday, February 26th, 2020, 5:00 PM
(Mountain Standard Time)


Chautauqua Community House
Boulder, Colorado
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About this Event

Agile has exploded in popularity as an effective methodology for building software. But agile is fundamentally a set of principles: a way of looking at organizations’ work and culture that is very different from what we’ve traditionally been taught. Leaders who embrace an agile mindset and apply agile principles to their leadership approaches can better respond to change, inspire teams, and help their organizations grow and succeed.

This workshop provides practical agile leadership skills and strategies for women to improve their own—and their organization’s—performance. Over the course of three days, you will learn and practice how to:

  • Understand the dynamics of agile leadership
  • Recognize your own leadership patterns and biases
  • Explore topics unique to the experiences of women leaders
  • Help grow your colleagues and the organization

Who is the Women in Agile Leadership Workshop for?

Participants explore a comprehensive view of Agile Leadership – first from the leader’s personal perspective in how agility impacts their thinking and behavior, then from an organizational perspective in how they can effectively align, guide and scale their organization’s agility.

The Agile Leadership Compass provides guidance for participants both during the workshop and as an aid in their practice following the workshop.

What will I get out of attending this workshop?

If you’re an agile leader, you know how to get people on the same page, empower teams to build great products, and cultivate satisfaction at work. And if you’re a female leader, you know that navigating work culture and expectations can help you (and your colleagues) succeed in any environment.

This workshop will give you the skills to successfully adopt and thrive in an agile leadership role. For example, you’ll learn and practice how to:

  • Increase safety, trust, and collaboration in your teams
  • Employ a growth-mindset to value diversity, be open to ideas, welcome feedback, and improve yourself
  • Become aware of your own biases and triggers
  • Improve your decision-making and collaboration
  • Engage colleagues without over-influencing or micromanaging them
  • Inspire, encourage, and empower teams
  • Seek and incorporate feedback so you can adapt your own leader behavior
  • Have a “Catalyst coach” conversation that integrates alternative perspectives, engages others, and improves outcomes
  • Use metrics in a health way that drives performance
  • Communicate a clear vision and get employees onboard with that vision

What’s the agenda?


Agile Ways of Working: 

We’ll make introductions and set the agenda and focus for the workshop. We’ll also look at the factors that have evolved to the current business need for increased agile and change-based approaches.

Agile Leadership Mindset: 

Look a leadership development model for an agile mindset and behavior through catalyst leadership, and how it shapes a culture of improved decisions, actions, and outcomes. WOMEN LEADERS: How do these mindsets intersect with gender biases and expectations? Are women expected to engage certain mindsets more than men? What’s the impact?

Developing Catalyst Leadership:

Increase our self-awareness of leadership habits and identify opportunities to improve reactions, thinking, and behaviors and how micro-moments shape culture for agile ways of working. WOMEN LEADERS: What expectations are placed on women in leadership roles? How is feedback given to and by women ,and what’s the impact?


Catalyst Conversations Practice:

 Practice a co-creative technique to improve decisions and outcomes. Learn how micro-moments and everyday conversations and meetings shape culture for agile ways of working. WOMEN LEADERS: How do women leaders balance power styles? Are women expected to be more accommodative?

Organizational Culture:

Learn what organizational culture is, why organizational culture has such a critical impact on organizational effectiveness, and the leader’s role in shaping an agile culture on a broad scale. WOMEN LEADERS: Do any values favor systems with less diversity? More diversity?

Agile Organization Case Studies:

Explore case studies from organizations with different cultures, and the role of mindset—and structures, policies and metrics—in shaping culture for agile ways of working. WOMEN LEADERS: What structure, policies, and metrics could help more women move into and succeed in leadership roles?


Open Space:

WOMEN LEADERS: what insights or experiences do you have to share about your successes and challenges in leading?

Leading Transitions in an Agile Way: 

Explore change and transition to successfully embark on a culture change journey and navigate the transition with an engaged, motivated, and purposeful workforce. WOMEN LEADERS: How does transformation fail women? What could we do to help more women be successful in transformation, or to help more women LEAD transformation?

Visioning and Aligning Agile Ways of Working: 

Your role in leading and establishing the vision, aligning the values, setting the conditions and measures, and removing the roadblocks for a successful cultural change journey.

Building Community:

How can this group stay connected? How could we improve this class for future women leaders?

Where is the workshop? How many days is it? How much does it cost? Can I stay overnight if I’m coming from out of town?

This workshop takes place at the Colorado Chautauqua, a cozy, peaceful, and historic gathering center nestled at the foot of Boulder’s Flagstaff Mountain.

It begins Monday, February 24, at 8:30 AM and ends Wednesday, February 26, at 5:00 PM, so it’s three full days of learning and practicing.

The workshop cost is $1,950 when registering before February 7, or $2,250 thereafter.

We’ve got three nights of lovely onsite lodging available in the Chautauqua lodge and cottages; just choose the lodging ticket when registering, or contact us for more information.


Rachel Weston Rowell and Karen Kemerling are Certified Agile Leaders, Changewise 360 Leadership Agility Coaches, and ScrumMasters with more than 40 years of coaching, training, and facilitating experience inside organizations small to large, and Fortune 500 to nonprofit.