Artful Making

From Theatre Rehearsal to Software Development: The Way of “Artful Making”

4:00-5:00pm   Wednesday, 18 November
C370 University Theatre Building  (The Loft Theatre)

A free, on campus, public presentation by

Lee Devin: Senior Dramaturg, People’s Light & Theatre Company, Malvern PA
Robert Austin: Professor, Management of Creativity and Innovation, Copenhagen Business School
Authors of Artful Making: What Managers Need to Know about How Artists Work (2003)

“Pay attention to what Austin and Devin are saying–their point of view
represents an important expression of the new ethos of management.  If you
frequently find yourself trying to steer your organization without a clear idea of
where you’ll end up, and improvising mid-course corrections in response to
emergent problems, then [Artful Making] is for you.”
                                              — Dr. Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, Inc.


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