Agile Organization Workshops

Scrum Team Kickoff

2-Day Scrum Workshop

Providing the foundation for agile teaming by building understanding and competency with Scrum.

Kanban Team Kickoff

2-Day Kanban Workshop

Providing the foundation for agile teaming understanding and competency with Kanban.

Scaling Agile

Leadership Team Accelerator Retreat

1-Day Scaling Extension

Providing the foundation of scaling Scrum and/or Kanban approaches across the organization.

Highly Effective Scrum and Kanban Teams

Trail Ridge organizational education drives competency and effectiveness by enabling all members of the team to not only know WHAT agile ways of working are but HOW to be effective with them and WHY they work.
Trail Ridge provides custom private workshops for our clients. If you are not certain where to begin, feel free to contact us to discuss the options.