Sustaining a Healthy Agile Organization

Trail Ridge partners with you for long-term results.

Many organizations face a plateau effect in their agile journey. That is, while initially impactful, over time (maybe a year or two) the effects wear off and results diminish. This is due to an “Outside-In” approach which impacts only the surface layers not aligning to the culture.  This occurs when applying scaling frameworks, copying other organizations, or simply treating agile as a project management approach.

Trail Ridge Organizational Agility is run “Inside-Out”. That means we understand and align to your organizational industry and values, we partner with you to develop the structures, policies and metrics to fully impact your ways of working, and focus on your long-term success as a business.

Outside-In is often blocked by existing organization structures and culture.

Inside-Out aligns to your culture and builds agile structures to support agile ways of working.

Trail Ridge enables agile ways of working through…

Organizational Assessments

Creating Alignment

Understanding the current organization and where it needs to change to improve business results helps shape, prioritize and drive the educational and coaching services. We assess and align leadership toward a common vision and shared values.

Whole Team Education

Building Capacity

Educating leaders only is not enough. We build capacity throughout the organization by educating teams, team leaders, and stakeholders bottom up. This frees leadership to focus on implementation and guidance rather than education.

Enterprise Agile Coaching

Guiding Competence

Most learning occurs through doing. Thus, while a minimal viable education is required, it is only the starting point to a healthy agile organization. We partner with our clients to provide catalyst coaching to enable your leaders to own and manage the transition.