Planning & Steering Meetings

Planning and Steering Meetings

Bringing together key decision makers to execute the strategy through expert meeting design and facilitation. Identifying and managing risks, visualizing and minimizing dependencies, communicating to everyone, and making shared commitments so that strategic decisions don’t stay locked in the C-Suite. Topics include incorporating feedback, balancing working “IN” and “ON” the business, assessing capacity constraints, adapting the plan as needed, and having a bias toward action.

A Sample Leadership Team Coaching Program Engagement Framework

Strategic work follows a repeatable pattern. The business “rhythm” around these activities is essential to allow for consistent and clear flow of communication and feedback. Establishing a clearly defined cadence for these activities will dramatically increase the effectiveness of the team and meetings.

Trail Ridge will guide your leadership team in both design and facilitation to ensure everyone in the business understands the current business context, collaborates to solve problems, visualizes organizational dependencies, identifies and manage risks more effectively, and takes more ownership and commitment to the results.