Enduring Agility Stories

Stories of organizations who have not only improved business results with agile ways of working, they have gone on to challenge all aspects of their business and made agile ways of working central to their value system.

If we only knew…

Geonetric is one of the most fascinating organizations Trail Ridge has had the pleasure to spark. And I say spark, because that is all it took to light the fire under their founder and former CEO, Eric Engleman. They have been at it since 2008 and telling stories all the way through...
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Scaling Incrementally

From a little joint venture to a $20B Organization, the agile journey of one of the largest health care product organizations on the planet tested everything we knew, or thought we knew, about agile at scale. We highlight some key aspects of that journey...
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All In…

In 2006, Salesforce.com made a significant decision, one that countered recommendations by the experts. The decision to go "All In" across over 250-person organization overnight. Trail Ridge was there shepherd chaos to collaboration...
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Culture Shaping Stories

Stories of organizations who have leveraged a better understanding of their current and desired organizational culture to align their change initiative for improved agile ways of working.

Developing Togetherness?

Collaborate Values are the most sought after culture shifts by employees in today's business world. This is intriguing to us as we find that collaborate cultures are some of the most difficult to take advantage of agile ways of working. Seem like a contradiction? Read more to find out...
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Speeding Innovation

Many organizations that reach out to us are in industries that don't naturally, or seem to naturally, align to agile ways of working - transportation, energy, insurance, healthcare, finance, retail, etc. These industries require structure, safety, and operational efficiency. How does agile fit in?
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We Need Structure!

Many participants in our workshops are aghast when we share with them that some organizations require more structure and control to improve their effectiveness. Believe it or not, there are some over-creative organizations. This is a story of one of them.
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Personal Leadership Stories

Stories of leaders who have taken to heart an improved awareness of their own leadership mindset, challenged their default habits, and improved their catalyst leadership capacity.

Matilda Prpic

Matilda Prpic joined our Practice Program in 2018 as an organizational coach for a business management consulting organization. She shares how her journey impact through this program went beyond the workplace and into on her personal life...
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Arvind Raizada

As a Senior Program Manager for Honeywell Aerospace, Arvind joined our Practice Program in 2018 to enable Director level responsibilities with an increase in P&L, global cross-business unit assignments, increased staff and improved business acumen.
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Michelle Simonkis

As a US Government Contractor, Michelle joined our Agile Leadership Practice Program to build her catalyst leadership skills and apply them across multiple teams. Through this experience, she shares her key "AHA" learning moments...
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Developing New Stories

Stories that we are curating and possibly are under construction.

Your Story

We are always working on our next stories, and sometimes these take years to develop. As you might notice, many of our relationships are years long. Not because we are bad at what we do, but rather that we are good at it. We'd love to be part of your story...
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Partner with Trail Ridge

Trail Ridge values our clients as partners. Trail Ridge was founded in 2005 after Pete Behrens spent 5 years struggling to take a small start-up organization toward agile ways of working. Following that experience, he recognized that many companies would face similar hurdles and pledged his support to those organizations who were dedicated to improve business functions and speed value delivery.

Many Trail Ridge clients have been partners with Trail Ridge for years. While our engagement varies over time, it is the relationships that we value. If you are a leader (or organization) dedicated to improving your way of working, we would love to help.