For Leaders, By Leaders

Trail Ridge is proud to be a part of the Agile Leadership Journey—a cooperative of globally respected education and coaching guides and their organizations.

Our goal is to improve awareness and execution of leaders in highly complex, uncertain and rapidly changing environments.

Who are We?

We are a group of experienced, passionate, and articulate guides who collaborate and co-create in the ongoing design, delivery and growth of the cooperative itself, the program offered, and the leaders in our community. With over 2,000 leaders completing the awareness leg of their journey, our program is being chosen over outdated University MBA programs and more traditional corporate programs.

Trail Ridge guides leaders through…


Creating Awareness

The Trail Ridge Agile Leadership Awareness Workshop is the jumpstart you need to foster the key “aha” to open your eyes to a new way of thinking and behaving.


Deepening Understanding

The Trail Ridge Leadership Agility 360 Assessment will provide the deepened self-awareness that is necessary to elevate your leadership game to the next level.


Building New Habits

Our Agile Leadership Coaching programs build your leadership capacity through goal setting, intent-based practice, behavior experimentation, and regular reflection.