Catalyst Leadership

Above all else, we are an organization of leaders for leaders.

Organizational change without leadership understanding, awareness, education, engagement and ownership is bound to fail. Too many agile transformations are built wonderfully through grass roots efforts only to be stifled by a disconnected leadership team. And even more agile transformations are led by ivory tower leadership who drive organizational change through others, but fail to recognize their own significant role.

We bridge the divide by introducing agile teaming to leaders and agile leadership to teams. We build catalyst leaders. We focus on the leadership mindset and behaviors that influence organizational culture. We engage, connect, and empower catalyst leaders to shape the culture they feel will improve business outcomes.

 22 Years Agile Experience

We’ve been mentoring leadership and organizational agility since 2001. We’ve been scaling agile across organizations long before any of the scaling approaches emerged and many of patterns that are present in many of the scaling approaches were pioneered at Trail Ridge clients. We’ve worked across a multitude of industries including Retail, Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Transportation, Consulting, Education, Auto, SaaS, Product Development and more.

Culture-Aligned Scaling

We do not bias towards a particular scaling framework such as Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS), or Scrum@Scale. In fact, our preferred approach is framework-less pattern-based approach. At Trail Ridge, we start with culture awareness and alignment to identify organization, leadership and team patterns that are more likely to be successful and sticky in your organization.

Global Network

Through our Agile Leadership Journey Cooperative, we support a global community with guides  who are aligned to our ways of working supporting Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia. See where we’ll be next.

Sustainable Success

We encourage you to browse our client stories or join one of our agile leadership awareness workshops to learn more about our approach and how we have impacted businesses globally.

Holistic & Sustainable Change

Our approach to organizational agility is framework-less, rooted in the culture of your organization, and leverages an agile way of working to build agile competency. Our goal is for your organization to not only improve its effectiveness this year, but for decades to come. We are most proud when our clients sustain and grow their impacts long beyond our engagement.

Inside Out Approach

Our unique “Inside-Out” approach to sustained performance and growth starts with culture. Organizational culture has been identified as the top impediment to agile ways of working as reported in the last 10 years through the VersionOne State of Agile Report. Our approach starts with understanding and exposing your culture and values and then helps leaders identify key structural changes to shape the desired culture for improved overall performance and health.

We avoid posters on the wall culture initiatives, and focus on the root influence of culture – the structures, policies and metrics influencing culture and driving behaviors.

Whole Company Approach

While many agile initiatives focus on IT or Product Development, we look holistically across the organization. We partner with you to engage the entire business including finance, regulatory, risk management, legal, marketing, sales and other critical business functions. Working across these functional and departmental silos produces the most impactful outcomes.

What Do Our Clients Say?

“Thanks for the great work you did with our workshop.  We thought it achieved the intended outcomes with additional benefits of reinforcing best practices across the planning and development agile lifecycle, and greatly surpassed our expectations.  Sequestering the teams together to talk about how they get their work done opened up numerous dialogues and created great team bonding.”

– Mark Janiszewski SVP and GM Product Management nThrive