Leadership Agility 360

70% of employees indicate their manager is the most stressful aspect of their job.

R. Hogan & Kaiser, 2005, What we know about leadership, Review of General Psychology

Self-Awareness is a master-skill of agile leadership, and most leaders top out at an achiever mindset. The Leadership Agility 360 Assessment ignites new self-awareness to better understand catalyst mindset and behaviors to improve leadership agility and performance. As only 10% of leaders operate at a catalyst leadership level or higher, most respected and strongly-rated leaders find new inspiration and opportunity for growth using this framework.

30 Years of Research, 10 Years of Practice

Three Decades of Research

Based on the award-winning book Leadership Agility by Bill Joiner and Stephen Josephs, backed up by three decades of prior research through David Bradford and Allan Cohen in their book Managing for Excellence, this leadership 360 assessment is based not on leadership skills and competencies, but rather on their self-awareness, systems perspective, openness, balance, situational behavior and development capacity.

A Decade of Practice

Trail Ridge has been guiding leaders through their personal leadership journey for over a decade using the Leadership Agility 360 Assessment and coaching tools. Six of our guides are Certified Leadership Agility 360 Coaches, educated and experienced in facilitating the 360 assessment, leadership debrief, action planning and ongoing coaching to improve self-awareness, systems perspective, openness to input, power style balance, and development capacity. Leaders who have gone through our 360 + coaching program have improved situational awareness and execution.

Pragmatic In-depth Analysis

Measuring Three Critical Action Arenas:

  1. Engaging in Pivotal Conversations: person-to-person discussions you have with important outcomes at stake
  2. Improving Team Performance: undertaking initiatives to improve your team’s capacity and capabilities
  3. Leading Organizational Change: guiding initiatives to improve your organization and its key business relationships

Measuring Four Types of Leadership Agility:

  1. Context-Setting Agility: The extent to which the changes you undertake are tactical and incremental versus strategic or even visionary
  2. Stakeholder Agility: How completely you understand and create alignment with stakeholders whose views and objectives differ from your own
  3. Creative Agility: How insightful and creative you are in analyzing and solving the complex, novel problems generated in turbulent business environments
  4. Self-Leadership Agility: How proactive you are in seeking feedback and in experimenting with new and more effective behaviors

Next Steps…

Enroll in a 24-Week Practice Program

We run two public Certified Agile Leadership 2 (CAL 2) Practice Programs each year, kicking off in March and September 2020. Programs run for 24-weeks and include a 360 assessment, 1-1 coaching and peer cohort practice.

Leadership Agility 360 Sample Report

Click on the link to view and download a sample Leadership Agility 360 Partial Report. This is only a partial sample and does not include all assessment information.

Leadership 360 Assessment & Coaching Brochure

Click on the link to view and download a Leadership Agility 360 Assessment and Coaching brochure.

Enroll in a 360 Assessment & Coaching Program

Packages start at $1,499 and include a 60-minute Introduction Coaching Call, Feedback Review Team Setup, Online 360 Monitoring, 360 Report, 60-minute Debrief Coaching Call, and 60-minute Action Planning Coaching Call. Extended coaching packages and multiple leader packages available.