360 Agility

The idea that measurement is essential to management is credited to business thought leader Peter Drucker. At Trail Ridge, we couldn’t agree more. Our Scrum Alliance-certified instructors have found that creating a successful Agile environment requires that you have a holistic understanding of your organization’s structure, processes, and culture. Using a 360 Agility approach that involves an in-depth organizational assessment, we help you transition to and sustain a culture which supports and enables agility.



Understanding your organizational values (how your organization defines success) is the first step in aligning agility. Organizational culture has been identified as the top impediment to agility every year for the past 12 years.



Organizational culture is the shadow of its structure. Thus, to shape culture the structures need to be considered. Structures represent the defined elements such as roles, departments, policies, metrics, locations, and more.



Processes are the most visible and typically the first place leaders look for change. However, changing them without support of the structures and culture often results in limited results and temporary success.

How an Organizational Assessment can drive Enterprise Agility

You want your investment in Agile to deliver long-term results. To ensure it does, we engage your leadership team in performing an organizational assessment to develop a backlog to align, focus, and track your agility journey. In doing so, we look at the different aspects of Agility:


In order for Agile to not just succeed, but sustain, it must be aligned to your organization’s culture. The Trail Ridge 360 Assessment leverages a culture-aware approach to expose, align and shape the culture toward agile ways of working.


Many agile initiatives fade over time. Rather than fragile process changes, Trail Ridge embeds change deep in the values and structures of the organization and provides leadership education and guidance to support and grow it.


The more integrated your implementation, the bigger the impact. Trail Ridge 360 Assessment bridges departments and functions across the business. The result is high-performing cross-functional teams designed to maximize customer value.


The goal isn’t greater business agility, it’s a better bottom line! Trail Ridge 360 Assessment identifies and targets key business metrics to focus the agile initiative to create positive business impact. Agile is a means to an end, not the end itself.

The more you know about your Agile alignment today, the better prepared you are to achieve new milestones tomorrow.

Sustaining a Healthy Agile Organization

Trail Ridge partners with you for long-term results.

Many organizations face a plateau effect in their agile journey. That is, while initially impactful, over time (maybe a year or two) the effects wear off and results diminish. This is due to an “Outside-In” approach which impacts only the surface layers not aligning to the culture.  This occurs when applying scaling frameworks, copying other organizations, or simply treating agile as a project management approach.

Trail Ridge Organizational Agility is run “Inside-Out”. That means we understand and align to your organizational industry and values, we partner with you to develop the structures, policies and metrics to fully impact your ways of working, and focus on your long-term success as a business.

Outside-In is often blocked by existing organization structures and culture.

Inside-Out aligns to your culture and builds agile structures to support agile ways of working.

Next Steps…

Organization Culture Sample Report

Click on the link to view and download a sample Organizational Culture and Values Report.

Organizational Agility 360 Brochure

Click on the link to view and download an Organizational Agility 360 Assessment Brochure.

Talk to an Enterprise Agile Coach

To take the next step and figure out what is best for your organization, or even which part of your organization, we recommend talking with one of our enterprise coaches who can explore your organization, its challenges and goals, and how our services may best fit your needs.