Our Mission

Our mission is to bring awareness, understanding and pragmatic guidance to develop agile leaders, leadership teams, and their organizations for improved health, performance and sustainability in highly complex, uncertain and rapidly changing environments.

Our Values

Through our experience in guiding leaders and organizations, we have come to value…


We value collaboration and believe results are magnified from working together. Therefore, we will partner with you to bring guidance and experience, enabling you to learn and grow in your leadership role.

Growth Mindset

We value open mindedness and believe we are never done discovering and learning. Therefore, we will not bring a cookie cutter solution to your business. We will be open to learning about your culture and values, your goals and aspirations, your challenges and impediments, and customize an approach with you.


We value long-term effectiveness and believe it stems from intentional focus & adaptation. Therefore, we will bias towards long-term health, growth and effectiveness over short-term performance.


We value honesty and believe the best relationships are built on trust. Therefore, we will not sell you a bait and switch contract nor promise something we cannot deliver. Rather, we will be brutally honest with the time, focus, and investment any initiative may require to drive effectiveness.

Giving Back

We value all people and believe that we are all responsible for the world we live and work in. Therefore, we seek to be carbon neutral, share profits with non-profit organizations, provide discounted opportunities for non-profit leadership education and coaching, and encourage our clients to do the same.