Leadership Team Accelerator™ Retreat

Leadership Teams Learning Together

The Leadership Team Accelerator™ retreat brings together 3 to 5 member leadership teams from 3 to 5 different companies under one roof to learn from experts and share effective practices with each other.

This innovative format enables a small cohort of your leadership team to explore key systemic challenges within their organization through a combination of introspection, education, and integration with other organizations on a similar journey.

Why Team Accelerator?

Leadership Education focused on the individual leader may be inspirational and even moving, however, it becomes challenging to implement back at the office when others have not shared the same experience. Leadership Retreats focused on a single leadership team may be fun and even productive, however, they often lack the external perspective which provides the sparks for inspiration and new learning.

The Trail Ridge Leadership Team Accelerator combines leadership education and leadership team development across organizations creating more opportunities for new insights and more possibilities of taking hold back at the home office.

Role Model “Teaming” through Leadership

The heart of agile ways of working is the team – a small cross-functional group of people, focused on a set of key objectives, collaborating and engaging continuously to deliver value. We inherently know this when forming teams to build products, deliver services, and support customers. Yet leadership teams often do not operate in this way.

The organizational culture is a reflection of leadership. If leaders are seeking more alignment across the organization and breaking down silos in their organizations, they have to first look in the mirror at their own leadership focus and behavior.

Trail Ridge guides leadership teams to explore their accountability to the needs of the business and to each other in meeting those needs. This includes leadership behaviors, competencies, capacities, responsibilities and agreements to not only work effectively as a team, but to role model agile leadership and team competency to the organization that leadership team serves.

Build Trust, Alignment, and Direction

Focus on Culture & Values to Foster Alignment

Culture has been identified as the number one impediment to improved agile ways of working, yet efforts to understand and influence culture remain elusive for many startups and well-established organizations. Trail Ridge Leadership Retreats expose the current organizational culture(s), identify a preferred culture, and guide leaders to understand and shape the organization they believe they need in order to improve their business outcomes.

Prior to the retreat, Trail Ridge conducts an Organizational Culture and Values Survey used for education and awareness during the retreat.

Next Steps…

Customize your Internal Leadership Retreat

Trail Ridge facilitates private leadership retreats with customized curriculum aligned to client goals. Contact us to customize your leadership offsite program.