Alignment & Strategy Formation

Leadership Team Alignment

A growing leadership team often encounters growing pains. New members struggle to fit in with the “core team”. New roles and responsibilities aren’t clearly understood and bumps and gaps occur. All of this leads to a lack of clarity in message and alignment around goals that can cascade into confusion across the business.

Trail Ridge focuses on increasing trust and collaboration by engaging in actionable work. Typically, this manifests as a team-based working session to address core strategic and organizational issues and develop working agreements.

Organizational Strategy Formulation

The bounty of growth and opportunity also brings with it the burden of choice. Which strategy should we pursue? Which market, customer segment, product offering? How many can we pursue at once? These choices can paralyze or overtax executives and organizations.

Trail Ridge helps create clarity across the business to increase alignment and improve results. Typically these sessions center around a team-based workshop to elaborate and align around nested strategies looking out 3-5 years, 1 year, and quarterly.