Catalyst Coaching

We believe that your organization must ultimately succeed on its own.

Trail Ridge Organizational Coaching purposely stays out of your business to maintain an important external perspective. Our catalyst approach to coaching starts this preparation from day one. We identify leaders within your organization and build your internal agile coaching competency through our engagement. This occurs at both a team and leadership level.

Pragmatic Application

We value practice and experience over theory.

We apply what works in practice, not what is printed in books and models. We help you find balance between theory and practice to implement effective and efficient team structures and processes to optimize learning and value delivery.

The Trail Ridge approach is a pattern-based approach, not a framework-based approach. That means we help your organization identify and apply only what is needed, and avoid what is not. 

“Our engineers are particular about efficiency and low overhead – Trail Ridge’s practical approach was a perfect match for our engineering culture.”

– Leigh Weaver, Google Corporate Engineering

Holistic Focus

We recognize agile is an organizational value system.

Trail Ridge Organizational Coaching engages the whole system including business and technology, regulatory and delivery, development and operations, leadership and teams, structures and processes, and more.

We align top-down and bottom-up for a healthy and sustained transition. In doing so, we help your organization deliver value more quickly today and build organizational capacity to deliver in the future.

Take Action!

Talk to an Enterprise Agile Coach

To take the next step and figure out what is best for your organization, or even which part of your organization, we recommend talking with one of our enterprise coaches who can explore your organization, its challenges and goals, and how our coaching services may best fit your needs.