1 or 2-Day Scaling Workshop

A 1 or 2-day deep dive into effective Agile Scaling patterns relevant to your context.  This workshop provides leaders with insights to plan and execute effective scaling of agile team execution.  Through this workshop, participants will build an experiment backlog to use in building a scaling roadmap. 

Covering the following learning objectives:

  • understanding Agile Values and how they differ from traditional approaches to product / solution development;
  • defining the core events, roles and artifacts of Scrum and effective patterns for scaling across teams-of-teams;
  • articulating Lean-Agile principles and the key structure, metrics and process impacts of each;
  • identifying scaling considerations and risks including:
    • portfolio-level system impacts on prioritization, portfolio WIP, and road-mapping; and
    • identifying program-level system impacts on team-of-teams coordination, planning and executing integrated demos.

Day One:

  1. Key Scaling Challenges
  2. Lean-Agile Principles and Values
  3. Scaling Considerations and Risks
  4. Teams-of-Teams Events, Roles and Artifacts 
  5. Impacts on Org Structures
  6. Impacts on Policy / Governance
  7. Impacts on Metrics / KPIs

Day Two:

  1. Portfolio-level prioritization and WIP
  2. Roadmap Planning
  3. System impacts on teams-of-teams
  4. Planning and executing system demos
  5. Scaling Strategy (V2MOM) Development
  6. Defining Scaling Experiments
  7. Scaling Experiment Backlog Prioritization

Providing insight into effective Agile Scaling patterns and comparing Scaling Frameworks.


  • Lean Portfolio
  • Value Stream Alignment
  • Integrated Iterations
  • Scrum of Scrums
  • System Demos
  • Shared Resources


  • Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)
  • Large Scale Scrum (LeSS)
  • Scrum@Scale
  • Nexus


  • Chief ScrumMaster or Release Train Engineer
  • Chief Product Owner or Product Manager
  • Chief Architect
  • Stakeholders or Business Owners
  • Agile Teams

Scaling that works for your context

Big bang, all-in approaches to implement a scaling framework may not be the best path forward to solving your challenges.  Through this workshop we will align on your challenges and explore all the factors to address them.  The result will be a Scaling Experiment backlog that gives you a clear path forward.

Why Trail Ridge?

What makes Trail Ridge workshops unique is that our instructors are pragmatic practitioners and experienced coaches who have been in the trenches with real stories and guidance to share (successes and failures).

Schedule a Scaling Agile Workshop

All of our Scaling Agile Workshops are designed for private client engagements. Contact us to schedule a workshop for your organization.