Our Logo 

One seemingly minor change is our logo. We have made two key changes to the logo. First, we added a third ring in our compass. We did this to tie in our focus for the past 5 years on culture. If you look closely, you will notice that the logo mimics the inside-out rings in our focus on culture, structure and process. 

Secondly, you will notice a color scheme change from maroon to brilliant red. While the former reflected our nature heritage and ties to Colorado, the latter provides more pop and contrast in highlighting ourselves and our services. You will see our brilliant red color scheme throughout our website.

The remaining elements of our logo are retained. It represents a compass and it represents our expertise and guidance to our clients.


A primary driver for our website change was to support the varied mobile and tablet displays. We continue to leverage Joomla as our website engine, but have upgraded to version 2.5 which supports responsive web templates. If you view our website on a mobile device or tablet, you will should be able to have as rich of an experience as those with full web. In most cases, it restructures itself into fewer columns depending on the display width. We hope this provides a helpful experience regardless of device you are using.


The primary focus of our website transition was to simplify and clarify our company and our services – specifically focusing on how and why we are different from others. We have been truly blessed with such an awesome and diverse client list, we wanted to make it clear why they have chosen us and what you can expect if you do as well. We hope that you appreciate our simplification and focus and would appreciate any feedback you have. 


While much of our visual web presence has changed, our focus and dedication to client-success has not. We remain a client-engagement consultancy focused on guiding our clients to success. To that end, we continue to minimize our time on sales and marketing. Our focus is on execution, delivery and client results. We grow through retention, re-engagement, and word-of-mouth success of our work.


As with any change, we expect there to be some problems in rolling out our new website. Some pages from the past may not be available, others have been relocated (and hopefully re-linked). If you find a problem or have any feedback for us, we would certainly appreciate it.