While we continue to focus on growing and maturing our CSC program, I have also been involved in the International Consortium of Agile. They have taken a more generic and comprehensive approach to not only the definitions, but also the education required to meet various guidelines and certifications. It provides a language for both consumer and supplier align and connect into a shared global program.

During the first phase, I was involved as a reviewer for the Agile Facilitation and Coaching track. In this track, it defines three levels of leader:

  1. Agile Team Facilitator
  2. Agile Coach
  3. Enterprise Agile Coach

The first two levels have been defined and represent similar notions to what you would see in a team ScrumMaster and teams-based agile coach. Now we are in the process of defining the Enterprise Agile Coach. Our definition of Certified Scrum Coach is at the Enterprise level and represents an agile coach who has demonstrated experience and competency in working with leaders and organizations in adopting and executing agility.

One might see these efforts as competing, however I view them as complementary. I believe each will support the other in its growth and adoption and will continue to support and influence both paths. If you would like to be involved in the conversation on either of these two programs, please contact me. We are seeking additional reviewers for this work.