My secondary communities involve many things including venture capital and involvement in early-stage companies, open source development, networking, Colorado outdoors, cycling, and other technical geek things. The reason I am blogging today is due to following one of my favorite venture capitalist blogger’s – Brad Feld.

I love the energy, excitement, passion, fever, drive, and innovation associated with start-up companies. I myself have lead product direction and engineering for two start-ups. Requisite Inc., was purchased by Rational Software in 1997 and subsequently purchased by IBM in 2002. I led the product direction and engineering on Rational RequisitePro, the leading requirements management solution. The other venture firm I was an early player in was as VP of Engineering at Roving Planet, Inc., a wireless network management and security provider.

I hope to engage you in thoughts revolving around all of these topics, centering on product innovation, product development and agile methods. Filling in with coaching and consulting tips, early-stage companies, Colorado, cycling and other miscellaneous rants and analogies. I encourage you to comment on and challenge my ideas presented here.