Over the past 100 years we have successfully engineered complicated outcomes – we put men on the moon, we successfully execute brain surgery, we construct 100+ story buildings, and we can travel across the globe without losing our bags (most of the time).

Yet we are now in a world where complex outcomes are now more important. Spotify can engineer a complicated cloud-based music service delivered to millions of subscribers (that is the complicated outcome). But the leaders of Spotify are tasked with more than delivering a product, they are tasked with creating a pleasurable subscriber experience – that is a complex outcome.

According to Irene Ng, Professor of Marketing and Service Systems at the University of Warwick, two key factors that drive complex outcomes: you cannot “mission-control” the outcome, it emerges from the system. Customer satisfaction is an emergent outcome that can not be controlled – it is complex.

Agile Leadership

Leaders today must seek to achieve complex outcomes. These outcomes are achieved through co-creation, collaboration, and iterations that emerge from the system – the definition of Agility!

The Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) Workshops explore complicated and complex domains, and provide leaders the awareness and skills to effectively navigate complexity to help co-create emergent outcomes which drive business success.