Global Leadership Development Program

Applied Agility in Leadership

This leadership development and coaching program expands leadership competencies learned in the introductory Agility in Leadership workshop. Focused on the top half of our Agile Leadership Compass​™ ​, the Applied Agility in Leadership program improves self-awareness, situational adaptiveness, social connectedness, and strategic orientation to improve leadership capacity. This portion of our leadership series vertically develops leaders at every level for increased awareness, balance, adaptivity, engagement, and empowerment in highly complex, rapidly changing environments.

The Applied Agility in Leadership program is offered in two parts — each span three months — providing for immersive learning, application, and practice: Developing a Growth Mindset and Developing Catalyst Behaviors.

Applied Agility in Organization: Shaping Culture for Business Agility

This program offers immersive learning, application, and practice. This program helps leaders identify and shape organizational culture to enable, support, and grow agile ways of working. It builds upon the learning from the Agility in Organizations workshop by leveraging all of the tools and techniques to identify and shape positively impactful organizational change.

Focused on the bottom half of our Agile Leadership Compass™, the Applied Agility in Organizations program exposes, aligns and directs leaders toward improved business agility through exploration of values. Leaders will run experiments to shape the culture to improve business performance and organizational health.

This workshop meets the learning objectives of the Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Leadership 2 (CAL 2) Advanced Education, Validated Practice (AEVP) and Peer Workshop (PW) Programs.

Both programs are offered as a public program twice a year, starting in March and September.

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This program is led by Pete Behrens with cohort facilitation by the global Agile Leadership Journey Guide Community.

Developing Leaders at Work

“The timing of the program was perfect. Not only was I able to learn techniques and use them, I also had a support system from my cohort.  I was learning, living and trying these methods on a daily basis.

I was able to practice what I was learning. I am happy to walk away with knowledge and confidence, that when other issues arise, I will be strong enough to know my foundation and where to begin.”

Michelle Simonkis, CAL 2 Graduate


All engagement in the workshop is facilitated online through web conferencing. There are no travel requirements and no on-site workshops. Participants engage in a weekly focus and practice at work to begin developing competency.


Participants are guided through a 360 Assessment and provided 1-1 coaching from a Leadership Agility 360 Certified Guide in analyzing their feedback, developing an action plan, practicing new catalyst thinking and behaviors.


Participants engage in small 3-5 member cohorts facilitated by an experienced ALJ leadership guide who have previously completed the program. Participant leaders further guide each other on their shared journeys.


Participants develop leadership capacity of self-agility, context-setting agility, creative agility, and stakeholder agility through increasing catalyst awareness, focus, and behaviors to improve business performance.

Globally Networked & Certified

Our Applied Agility in Leadership and Organizations Programs are fully integrated and extended into the Agile Leadership Journey Global Community whose goal is to align, build and deliver on a common leadership and organizational development curriculum.

In addition, our program meets all of the requirements of the Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Leadership 2 (CAL 2) Program. The referenced video highlights key aspects of how the program was designed and what leaders might expect in this program.

Why Trail Ridge?

Because Trail Ridge supports the Agile Leadership Journey Community, providing an aligned global practice program around a common curriculum that works. Since 2011, it has become one of the top requested agile leadership programs across the world.

Customize a Private Agile Leadership Development Program

Our Agile Leadership Development Practice Programs can be customized to individual leaders, leadership teams and integrated into broader HR Executive Development Programs. Contact us to discuss how we can build the right program for your leadership team.