Education & Coaching

Becoming a successful and qualified Certified ScrumMaster® starts with education on the essential components of the Scrum framework and helps apply them in real project settings. What you learn will empower you to shift your mindset and embrace Agile principles and a highly efficient, collaborative, and rewarding method of working. 
This education and coaching program is aligned with the Scrum Alliance learning objectives and teaches facilitation and leadership, coaching and mentoring, and organizational change. You will gain a deep understanding of WHY Scrum works and HOW to effectively apply it within your organization.

About our Program…

Mastering Scrum

A ScrumMaster is first a master in Scrum. A ScrumMaster is a sensei – teacher and student – on a journey of learning and growth. Understanding the Lean and Agile principles behind Scrum provide the ScrumMaster the tools for adapting Scrum practices to best serve  their organization. ScrumMasters guide teams in learning through doing. This workshop will provide you with a foundational understanding of Scrum and how to catalyze that knowledge in your organization.

Facilitating Teams

ScrumMasters facilitate team adoption, learning, and implementation of Scrum. Effective ScrumMasters facilitate effective and efficient meetings; engage multiple roles and stakeholders in critical discussion to build consensus; and leverage conflict resolution strategies in resolving differences and organizational impediments. This workshop will guide you through facilitation techniques that enrich team engagement and maximize collaboration.

Coaching for Growth

The ScrumMaster is a coach for a team, often operating from a growth perspective and challenging the team to evaluate and improve their approach to delivering value. Effective Scrum teams focus on improving both the value they deliver and the means by which they deliver it. This workshop will help you identify, evaluate and inspire self-organizing behaviors to improve team capability.

Fostering Agility

A team operates in the culture and structures of a broader system – understanding and unblocking bottlenecks are key to team agility. This workshop will empower you with the tools and techniques to integrate distributed teams, align teams to value, and engage leaders on the values and behaviors to foster highly productive and motivated teams.  

Why Trail Ridge?

Because this workshop is aligned with the Scrum Alliance learning objectives, you can be confident that you will learn the core concepts that are required in order to become certified. What makes Trail Ridge engagements unique is that our coaches are pragmatic practitioners and experienced coaches who have been in the trenches with real stories and guidance to share (successes and failures).

Schedule a Private Certified ScrumMaster Workshop

Most of our Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) Workshops are for private client engagements. Contact us to discuss how we can assist you.