I received an email today from a client who was appreciative of the private Agile Leadership workshop we conducted back in June. He included a picture of one of the main hallways in their office, sporting all of the flip charts we created during our workshop together (see the main picture of this blog post).

What brings me the most joy in working with clients is to see the learning take hold and continue way beyond the engagement. In this case, posters lining a hallway 6 months after the workshop – providing a backdrop of management’s intent to think and behave in a more agile-valued way. This leader said…

“2017 should be very interesting here, as we’re looking to re-organize in order to better align with agile values.”

This was the Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) Workshop which focuses on both the leader personally in how they think and behave with respect to agile, and also on the organizational culture and structures to support agility. Kudos to the leadership team for being transparent with their learning and their intent to improve.

As a note to potential leaders coming to a public workshop, or considering a private internal class – don’t expect to show up for two days to be isolated from your day-to-day work – we expect you to bring your work with you to the workshop and then take your learning back to work.