I would be remiss to exit this Thanksgiving weekend without one more Thank You!

It takes a lot to run a company, even a small one like Trail Ridge. And while I am the face of this organization, and often get the bulk of the praise and respect, there is a tremendous amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to make it hum. In this organization, behind the curtain is Jana Zimmerman – our Outreach Catalyst.

While that may seem like an odd title, it fits her perfectly – whether organizing hotels, travel and venues for public workshops or leading our volunteer efforts to give back to our local and global communities, she connects the dots & catalyzes our impact.

I want to offer a very delayed, but much deserved, Thank You! to Jana – a person who has dedicated her life to working behind the scenes and giving of herself in support of others within this company, in our local community at the Sister Carmen Center Food Bank and through our global partner CHI-Haiti. These programs have been a major focus of our company outreach for the past 5 years.

Sister Carmen Community Center

Jana has been a stalwart volunteer to our local food bank supporting hundreds of families in our local county in Boulder Colorado – through weekly food bank support.
In 2014, Trail Ridge received the honor of being the Sister Carmen Donor of the Year award due to her impact!


Through her involvement with Sister Carmen Center, Jana led three significant fundraising “Big Events” – raising awareness to hundreds of local businesses and individuals and raising thousands of dollars for their services each year. Thank you for your impact!

CHI-Haiti Partnership

Through her work over the past 5 years, Jana provided operational support for over 30 clinic trips to Haiti, and participated personally in 14 of them.

Thanks for your dedication and support to this mission!

Jana has been instrumental in not only leading multiple Haiti trips per year, she serves on the board of CHI-Haiti, and provides countless volunteer hours in developing standard practices and procedures to improve their services.

Thank You Jana!