Trail Ridge Consulting been in business for over 11 years (since August of 2005) with an unwavering mission – to help leaders improve business results through empowered high-performing teams focused on their customer’s need. And this business would not be successful without the respect, trust and opportunities that our client leaders offer us to work with them. So it is for them, and the relationships they have granted us over the years, that I say “Thank You!”

The fuel of Trail Ridge is long-term relationships. We don’t run marketing campaigns. We don’t advertise. We don’t sell our services. We build partnerships with leaders to work together, stick together, to improve employee engagement, customer satisfaction and business outcomes. I am proud that most of our clients have been with us for many years – Thank you for sticking with us.

Clients tell me that they appreciate our pragmatic approaches that meet them where they are, rather than dogmatic, theoretical or splashy solutions that are based on what is good for the consultant. Our focus is on growing and sustaining long-term effectiveness of both the leader and their organization. Thank you for not buying into the hype and recognizing that long-term investment is more humane for employees and more impactful for customers.

Trail Ridge does not work in a vacuum. We have equally devoted our time, energy and focus to the community of practice – especially through the Scrum Alliance community and with our delivery partners. We couldn’t have built the Certified Enterprise Coaching (CEC) or Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) programs without your collaboration. We couldn’t have supported our largest global clients without your partnership. Thank you for collaborating with us in our efforts to bring about change across the globe.

thankyoucardsDuring the US Thanksgiving Holiday week, I have made it a custom to sit down, reflect, and write thank you notes to our client leaders and partners. Each year I seek something to give back, whether a donation toward a global need like Haiti, local cause like Sister Carmen Center, or in the case this year – to spreading the agile mindset through the gift of a magazine – AgileVox.

AgileVox is the Scrum Alliances new offering which is likely the best magazine I have ever read. With very little hype, it simply tells stories of agile thinking, approaches and transformation to improve the workplace for employees and business results for their customers.

Thank you for engaging with us through this journey.
We are hopeful our next 11 years will be as enriching and rewarding as the first 11 years.