Initially well held a spike to consider alternatives – reschedule flight, train, drive. Upon deciding on driving we got organized and defined all our stories, put them in the backlog and ordered them. Each story had multiple tasks that individual team members took, finding the route, driving, keeping the drivers awake, selecting places to stop for food and gas.


After our first stand-up* the status of our stories was as follows:


  • Morning meetings with Aviation IT (2 story points)
  • Driving to Columbus airport (2 story points)

In process

  • Driving through Ohio (2 story points)

To do

  • Pennsylvania (1 story point)
  • New York (4 story points)


Sprint Summary

The sprint was overall very successful and we met the MVP of sleeping in our own beds. Breaking the drive up into short stories allowed us to track and feel our progress.  Our velocity was slightly less than expected,  arrived home at 3:24am instead of the projected 3:00am  which I told a stakeholder (my wife). Will take than into account next Sprint





·         Full size car makes trip more pleasant and more comfortable than SUVs

·         Good company makes the trip seem to go faster

·         The backlog was ordered well, Ohio needed to be completed before Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania needed to be completed before  NY could be started

·         The team kept the stakeholders (family and Lars) in the loop all thru.


·         Next time keep post-its handy and not in the bottom of a suitcase so we can better see our status.

·         An EZ Pass would have saved time and increased our overall velocity


* Due to limitations of the vehicle the stand-ups was actually conducted sitting down.